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We are an active friendly BSAC registered diving club based in Cambridge with approximately sixty members. We organise dive trips every year to various locations around the UK and abroad as well as regularly diving the North Norfolk coast using our two club boats. We also have our own compressor with free air fills for members (We are not a commercial diving club).

We also offer BSAC training to our members from Ocean Diver to Advanced Diver grades using our team of volunteer instructors. We also regularly run Skill Development Courses throughout the year.

We welcome divers from any recognised diving organisations (PADI, SSI, CMAS, etc.) and at all levels of qualification.  If you’re not originally BSAC trained, then there is a straightforward induction process which recognises your qualifications and allows you to start diving with us immediately in most cases. To find out more, please have a look at our Contact Us page for more details.

Five very good reasons to join us as a member

  1. Regular diving trips using our two club boats
  2. Weekly pool use (cost included in membership)
  3. Air fills (free for members) using our club compressor and reasonably priced Nitrox
  4. In-house training with our friendly instructors
  5. Weekly social gatherings


Training courses, depending on demand and availability of instructors, are run within our branch all year long:

  • Ocean Diver (BSAC's entry level course) runs on demand. We have several people at various stages on this course, so please contact the Training Officer if you are interested or please come along to the NCI for a chat
  • Sport Diver Several people at various stages of this course please contact the Training Officer if you are interested
  • Dive Leader please contact the Training Officer if you are interested