Announcing CAMBSAC Chat

Secure multi-user messaging system

Matrix/Element: The secure real-time multi-user messaging system built into our website

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Joining Element

If you have an account at you already have access

Element uses the same userid and password as this site - so only one username and password to remember!

Simply click this link to join in Element Chat using the web version

You can also use a client app for your preferred device from this link: Download Element

What's it for?

Users can create rooms for conversation topics and chat with each other either in groups or 1-to-1 in real time.

No need to hand out emails addresses or phone numbers, all you need is a name.

You can create rooms to chat about specific events or you can use the existing fixed rooms.

Currently these are:

  • Welcome
  • Committee
  • Members
  • Equipment

We'll add more rooms very soon.....