Club Curry Night

Curry night 2019

manoj_ramjee_2019_3HS.jpg Manoj Ramjee

Historically, our club has always celebrated the end of the calendar year with a ‘Curry Night’ around mid-December. This not only involves the customary curry; but also a photographic competition (for ‘above’ and ‘below’ water photos), a raffle, a fun quiz and the awarding of club trophies. The club is particularly fortunate to have had members willing and gifted in making elaborate trophies. This includes one of a diver in a bottle made from glass and another of a diver made from nuts and bolts.

For many years, club members and friends cooked the curry and rice in their homes; which I am reliably informed took many days. However, that may be more to do with the consumption of beer than the amount of cooking! To be fair, the club catered for many more attendees and this was in integral part of the clubs social fabric. However, for the past few years, the club decided to purchase take away curries from local suppliers. After experiencing diminishing levels of quality and quantity, this year we decided to return to our tradition of preparing the curry ourselves. The 2019 curry night menu consisted of chicken korma, lamb rogan josh, vegetable balti, rice, naan bread and salad; with mince pies and cream for pudding. As ever, we ended up with more rice than could feed an army! For those who did not like curry, pan-fried chicken and lamb were prepared separately. Apart from the rice, the rest of the food was duly consumed and everyone had their fill. We thank the Guides and Scouts for lending up their plates, bowls and cutlery; ensuring we greatly reduced our single-use plastic consumption. The only downside was the washing up! There was also a big thank you to Jacqui R. for organising the menu and doing the shopping.

The photographic competition comprises photos taken by club members during the current seasons dive trips. The ‘above water’ photo winner was Suzie W. and the ‘below water’ photo winner was Dave S. The club ‘diver of the year’ was Nick A. The raffle consisted of gifts generously donated by the club, its members as well as friends. This inevitably involved lots of bottles of alcohol, chocolates as well as few unusual ‘booby’ prize items- including a stalk of Brussel sprouts as well as a ‘breakfast in a can’ (yuck!). The quiz is only for fun and usually consists of two parts- one part consisting of fifty general knowledge questions and the second part involving correctly identifying a page of anonymised logo brands. There is usually an air of friendly competition and lots of moans and groans as seemingly obvious answers are revealed. As well as the trophies for the photographic competition, the club awards annual prizes for specific dive related categories. This includes ‘trainee of the year’ as well as ‘diver of the year’.

A fun night was had by all with all our members and friends helping to make the evening a pleasure. As ever, we encouraged everyone to attend our annual curry night and we look forward next year!

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