Virtual Club night and Talk on 28th of May, 8pm

A Talk my John Kendall on the Mars Project

luke_perry.jpg Luke Perry

On the 28th of May we have a talk by John Kendall on the Mars Project.

The talk will start at 8pm.

For those unfamiliar with the Mars.

The Mars was Swedish war fleet flagship which sank in 1564 just north of Öland. The ship is built of solid oak and lies 75 meters deep. Mars was one of the largest ships of its time, and the largest in the Baltic Sea, with 107 guns with a crew of 800 men. In May 1564, led by Admiral Jacob Bagge, a group of 37 ships in the so-called First Battle of the Danish-Lübeck fleet that took place outside the northern tip of Öland. After two days of fighting Mars caught fire and exploded. The ship sank and has remained untouched in the Baltic seabed for 447 years.

The zoom invite has been sent to the club mailing list, if you need the link then email Luke.

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